Centrally located and constantly evolving, Westland has benefited in recent years as a result of tireless efforts by local officials. Newly built parks abound in the city's neighborhoods, and the rich history of the area is brought to life in various parts of town. Many might see Westland as just another Metro Detroit suburb, residents are well aware of the close-knit small-town feel that is present at almost any community event (of which Westland has several). New businesses are constantly moving into the area, allowing for growth and opportunity for the residents. Charming homes adorn the neighborhoods.  Westland is a family-friendly community and looks to remain so for years to come.

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4 beds - 2+ Baths

8348 Quincy DR

Westland, Michigan

MLS® ID: 218039314

4 beds - 2+ Baths

8229 Quincy DR

Westland, Michigan

MLS® ID: 218053724

3 beds - 2 Baths

8258 Quincy DR

Westland, Michigan

MLS® ID: 218039284

4 beds - 3 Baths


Westland, Michigan

MLS® ID: 218053891