Why Shipping Container Homes Aren’t a Fad

Why Shipping Container Homes Aren’t a Fad

In recent years, and significantly since the start of the pandemic, shipping container homes have grown in popularity—but are they for real or only a fad? Don’t expect container homes to go away anytime soon; we explain why in our guide!

They’re Affordable

There’s no doubt that the primary appeal of shipping container homes—and the main reason they aren’t a fad—is their cost-effectiveness. You don’t have to be a real estate expert to know that housing prices across the country have steadily increased over the past decade. Many people (young people, especially) feel they’ve risen so much that they can no longer afford a starter home.

Even traditional starter homes are too expensive for many potential homeowners, but container homes are an affordable alternative to rising housing costs. A container home can be as low as $10,000 and feature many amenities that would be much more expensive in a traditional starter home. As long as containers are more readily available than houses, container homes aren’t going anywhere!

They Offer Convenient Space

Some people see a shipping container home and wonder how a person or persons could live in such a small space. But for many people, a shipping container home offers the ideal amount of space for young couples and starter homes.

A single container home may not offer the same space as a traditional house, but they’re not cramped boxes. Plus, more homeowners are combining multiple containers to create multi-level and more spacious homes at a still affordable price compared to traditional housing.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Another strong appeal that container homes offer for many people is that they’re environmentally friendly and sustainable. Instead of building a brand-new traditional home that requires more raw materials, container homes are made of used containers that would otherwise sit in a landfill.

A container home also takes up less space, disturbing the environment less. And, because containers are so compact and functional, it takes less energy to heat and cool them, which saves money on utility bills and wastes less energy.

They’re Customizable

Some people imagine living in a steel box and don’t understand it—but one of the benefits of a container home is how homeowners can customize them to their exact preferences. Shipping containers are exceptionally durable, so their frame can be modulated and customized without weakening the structural integrity.

Add multiple windows, doors, a skylight, and a rooftop patio to your container home. Compared to traditional housing, building with shipping containers is straightforward and hassle-free!

They’re Easy To Build

Container homes are not only easy to customize but can be constructed quickly. Don’t wait months to build a new traditional home or weeks to renovate and remodel an existing one. Rather, a container home can be delivered and customized to your needs in no time.

Even prefabricated container homes are available to buyers that come practically ready to move in. Just have your new container delivered, and you’ve got a new home!

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