Ways To Protect Your Driveway This Winter

Ways To Protect Your Driveway This Winter

We all know what to expect when winter comes around, as we must grab our boots, jacket, and shovels to make our way outside. The part of our homes that take the greatest hit when the snow falls is none other than the driveway. As the snow freezes and thaws, it can seep into your asphalt and accelerate its deterioration. That’s why you should get ahead of that and find out the best ways to protect your driveway this winter.

Avoid Snow Salt

One of the first things that nearly every one of us does when we wake up to a sheet of ice on the ground is to grab the snow salts. Those salt crystals are quite large and can crumble and crack as they melt down. While your driveway might look the same after one winter, salt is a quiet enemy that will hasten wear and tear. That might mean you have to do more repairs on your driveway than you should. Moreover, if your asphalt driveway is already degrading, using salt will also quicken that.

Sealcoat Your Driveway

The best defense is a good offense. Your driveway is only as tough as its cracks, which is where snow and salt can seep into it and wear it away faster than they should. That’s why it’s best to repair any cracks on your driveway before the first snowfall. Thankfully, you can do this job yourself, and with winter soon on its way, you’ll be happy to know it’s quite easy to complete your sealcoating project fast.

Grab the Shovel

One of the best ways to protect your driveway this winter is to put in consistent work. That means when you notice a fresh layer of snow on the ground, you know it’s time to grab the shovel. At least it’s a good workout.

If you’re wondering why shoveling will help your driveway, it’s because you’re removing the snow before it melts and turns to water. If that snow stays on your driveway, going through several cycles of melting and freezing, that can potentially result in water damage.

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