Ways To Increase the Safety of Your Storm Shelter

Ways To Increase the Safety of Your Storm Shelter

It’s no secret that a dedicated shelter is one of the best places to retreat to when a heavy storm or tornado approaches your home. However, as durable and reliable as these structures are, they aren’t always completely safe on their own. These are some effective ways to increase the safety of your storm shelter and ensure that it’s everything you could need and more.

Place Your Shelter Strategically

One of the first things you can do is to install your storm shelter in a carefully selected spot on your property. Where you position this structure will greatly influence how useful it is in a storm. For one, placing it in an easily accessible area allows for quicker entry and exit in a crisis. Location also helps eliminate exposure to other environmental hazards, such as water and dirt. Therefore, as you go about assembling your product, always assess the slope of your foundation.

Keep the Bunker Clean and Maintained

You can also make your shelter a little bit safer by cleaning and maintaining it, even in the off-seasons. For every storm that passes through your area, there are several months of downtime where your bunker sits idle. Over this time, it can accumulate dust, moisture, and clutter if you aren’t regularly maintaining it. Using a few basic cleaning tips for your storm shelter can be very beneficial, as they’ll ensure that everything is comfortable and safe whenever you need it.

Stock the Shelter With Essentials

Another crucial thing to do before a storm hits is to stock the shelter with any supplies you might need. Naturally, this includes basics—such as food and water—along with healthcare supplies—such as bandages, antiseptic, and ice packs. However, homeowners often forget the more obscure practical supplies, such as flashlights, radios, and hand warmers. These extra pieces of camping gear will help you prevent accidents in the shelter, maintain your comfort, and keep you informed about what’s happening in the outside world. Even a single item can make a lasting difference when it comes to your safety.

Know How Your Shelter Works

The most important way to increase the safety of your storm shelter is to familiarize yourself with how it works. Depending on the manufacturer, size, and design you choose, your product may have a different opening and locking mechanism than you’d expect. Reading the instruction manual for your storm shelter and practicing using the doors will ensure you understand how to quickly access the space in an emergency. This will shave precious minutes off your escape plan and increase your family’s chances of making it out unscathed.

Storm shelters are incredibly effective at keeping families safe in storms. But by combining your shelter’s natural design with your efforts, you can keep your family even safer. In utilizing these techniques, you’ll be prepared for anything the weather throws your way.

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