Top Tips To Help You Keep Your Water Clean

Top Tips To Help You Keep Your Water Clean

It's possible that just going about your everyday business—using cleaning supplies, taking the dog for a walk—contributes unintentionally to the contamination of our already-challenged waters. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can ensure that your water is unpolluted. Read on to get our top tips to help you keep your water clean.

Trench Your Outdoor Areas

Stormwater transports all the debris it has collected along the route into storm drains after flowing over hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Use gravel, paver stones, wood, or other porous materials whenever feasible to stop these pollutant streams from entering your own property. If a hard surface must be present (such as a driveway), create a shallow trench along the border and fill it with vegetation or gravel to capture runoff before it spreads too far.

Don’t Treat Your Plumbing Fixtures As Waste Disposal Areas

Flushing products such as baby wipes or plastic tampon applicators can cause huge problems for your plumbing, which in turn affects water treatment down the line. In fact, many of the microplastics found in the ocean come from flushed plastic products. Abstaining from flushing inappropriate items will keep your pipes clean and clear as well as your water facility.

Pick Up After Your Dog

Scooping up pet waste is one of the best ways to ensure that your groundwater does not become contaminated. Contamination commonly occurs when rainwater collects the bacteria from the waste, transporting it wherever the water flows. When the water dries, microscopic pieces are left on the surface of pipes, sewers, and the ground, leading to heavy contamination. To combat this, you can set up a biodegradable waste disposal area, or better yet, pick up after your dog when it does its business!

Filter Drinking Water

Our last top tip to help you keep your water clean is the most important: don’t overlook your drinking water! The water that you consume must be free of contaminants and other harmful additives. If you are looking to purchase a quality water filter for your home to offer protection as well as prevention, be sure to choose based on the type of filter inside the system. The type of filter dictates what kind and how many contaminants get filtered out, so it is definitely an important aspect of filtration to understand for your own benefit.

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