Tips To Prepare Your Home for Tornado Season

Tips To Prepare Your Home for Tornado Season

Tornados can be scary, and we all know to head to the basement when one happens. But what can you do to prepare your home? These are some tips to prepare your home for tornado season. Get your home ready in case a tornado strikes.

Where To Go During a Tornado

When a tornado hits, you should take shelter in your basement. If your home doesn’t have a basement, go to a room with no windows. Shelter on the lowest floor of your home in an interior room. To be extra safe, hide under a secure piece of furniture and cover your body with something soft. These are the most crucial safety steps to follow during a tornado.

Repair Your Foundation

If your foundation needs any repairs or restoration, now is the time to get it ready. A weak foundation can be even more dangerous during tornado season, so you’ll want to make sure your home stands strong. Make any foundation repairs you can before tornado season comes.

Have a Sturdy Flagpole

If you keep a flagpole in your yard, you’ll want to make sure it’s strong enough to withstand the wind. Learn what makes flagpoles withstand the wind, and get the appropriate flagpole for your property. Choose something strong enough to last through a tornado.

Trim Your Trees

Trimming weak and dead branches from your trees can help keep you and your home safe during tornados and thunderstorms. Trim off any weak branches before any chance of severe weather. If you can’t reach them yourself, you can always hire an arborist to do the job for you.

Install Storm Shutters

Storm shutters can open and close quickly to help prevent damage in your home if a storm or tornado strikes. Installing storm shutters can make you safer and protect your windows from damage. Install storm shutters in your home to help protect you in the event of severe weather.

Bring Outdoor Furniture Indoors

Outdoor furniture can be damaged or blown away if a tornado hits, so you should bring it inside if you know there may be severe weather. Move patio furniture into your garage to keep it from flying into windows or walls and damaging your home.

Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Basement

Having an emergency kit in your basement is one of the top tips to prepare your home for tornado season. Store a few days’ worth of water, a first aid kit, non-perishable foods, flashlights, a radio, and portable cell phone chargers in your emergency kit. Be prepared for anything if a tornado should strike.

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