The Most Important Areas of a Home To Insulate

The Most Important Areas of a Home To Insulate

If you’re building or remodeling a home, plan your insulation areas before finishing rooms and installing drywall. If you’re unsure which parts to target, read on for some of the most important areas of a home to insulate. Working on these areas will help keep the house comfortable and energy efficient for the future.

The Attic

People often use the phrase “heat rises” when referring to warmth in their homes. But when the heat rises to your home’s attic, it will escape if the attic lacks insulation. This isn’t ideal during the winter season when there’s chilly weather. That’s why the attic is one of the most important places to insulate. Attic insulation traps heat and prevents it from escaping, which can help homeowners save on energy bills and keep their homes warmer.


Because heat rises, insulating your ceilings is an effective way to prevent much of it from reaching your attic in the first place. If you’re concerned about losing precious heat in the winter or your attic getting too hot during the summer, consider further insulating your ceilings. This type of insulation slows heat transfer that naturally occurs as heat rises.

Interior and Exterior Walls

Comfort matters when it comes to insulating a home. Without insulation in both the interior and exterior walls, your house could experience drafts of cold air. When a home feels “drafty,” that’s often because it doesn’t have proper siding or insulation updates. Like the attic, air can also escape your home through gaps in the walls and siding, which leads to poor energy efficiency. Interior and exterior wall insulation help provide a barrier inside and outside your living space.

The Basement

If your home has an unfinished basement, you could be inviting the cold into your space. Unfinished basements can feel inhospitable and uncomfortable due to their coldness and moisture. Insulating your basement provides a more comfortable space and adds even more functional area to your home. Consequently, insulating and finishing a basement can increase your home’s value dramatically.

These are some of the areas throughout a home that are important to insulate. Just remember that completing a DIY spray foam project is a bad idea. Homeowners don’t have the necessary equipment and experience to work with many types of insulation. So it’s crucial to hire a trusted professional for installation.

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