The Best Locations To Hang Wallpaper in Your Home

Wallpaper installation process with the associated supplies such as a ladder, glue, and beautiful wallpaper.

In an era where personal expression reigns supreme, wallpaper is returning triumphantly. It’s no longer confined to the tired, tacky designs of yesteryear. Wallpaper can be your home’s new best friend, with the power to transform a space in moments. This post highlights the art of selecting the perfect spot for your chosen wallpaper, ensuring it enhances the room’s ambience and reflects your unique style. Read on to learn the best locations to hang wallpaper in your home.

The Versatility of Wallpaper in Contemporary Home Design

Wallpaper is a timeless staple in the interior design world. With a range of textures, colors, and patterns available, the options are as endless as your imagination.

Consider the vibe you want to achieve when choosing a location for this design medium. Is it the cozy haven of a patterned bedroom wall or the statement-making power of a bold, colorful bathroom wall? Whether you’re drawn to the current trend of vibrant bathroom colors and wallpapers or seeking a more subdued, classic effect, your decision plays a pivotal role in your home’s aesthetic, regardless of location.

A Hero Piece in Every Room

A common strategy for using wallpaper is to create a focal wall—a single area that draws the eye and sets the tone for the space. This technique simplifies the wallpapering experience and ensures the focus remains on the design rather than overwhelming the room.

Positioning a dramatic wallpaper behind a bed in a primary suite or framing a fireplace with an eye-catching pattern can elevate the feature’s aesthetic. Remember, the objective here is to complement the room, not overpower it. Select wallpapers that anchor the space by echoing the colors and themes throughout the room’s decor.

Small Spaces, Big Impact

In rooms with limited square footage, wallpaper can do wonders to open the space. Light-colored or geometric wallpapers provide a sense of airiness in bathrooms. Consider adorning your smallest room with a playful, pastel palette or a unique, nature-inspired motif to inject vitality.

Similarly, a mudroom may be one of a home’s smallest yet most used spaces. When updating your home with a mudroom makeover, choosing a wallpaper that blends durability with charm is essential. Choose washable wallpapers that add character without compromising on practicality. Combining this transitional space’s functionality with your chosen wallpaper’s creativity can create a refreshing and inspiring entryway.

Some of the best locations to hang wallpaper in your home are already calling out to you for a fresh new vibe. Is it the neglected guest bathroom? The entryway walls? Or maybe the wall behind your master bed? Let your creativity soar, and don’t be afraid to play with texture, pattern, and color.

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