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Why Sellers Need To Stop Negotiating Agents


Why Sellers Need To Stop Negotiating Agents

Shannon Hall

Your Real Estate Concierge Shannon Hall truly loves, lives and breathes real estate...

Your Real Estate Concierge Shannon Hall truly loves, lives and breathes real estate...

Aug 16 6 minutes read

This morning I woke up to a text from a potential client who had listed with someone else. The sale price of their listing was erroneous, the 9 photos were taken with a cell phone, one of the photos still had the poop step in the bathroom shot right in front of the toilet and the air mattresses weren’t moved out of the way. The listing agent was giving the buyer agent a pretty big discounted commission and also put in the remarks that the seller would not entertain any offers unless they were written on a “board purchase agreement”. Seller was upset about these things AND that the home isn’t selling. 

This seller got exactly what she paid for, or would potentially pay for. What she has is a home that is on a ticking clock, every day becoming another day of drudgery, every day buyers will perceive “something must be wrong with the house because it hasn’t sold yet”. This seller will not get their asking price and is now set up perfectly for low ball offers, but she is saving in commission. And now she is stuck in a contract. THIS HAPPENS EVERY DAY.

WE ARE IN A SELLERS MARKET. Sellers should be positioned to be 100% in the driver’s seat. This seller is doomed.

What if this Seller had hired Dwellings? Here is how the scenario would have played out.

1. We price at fair market value.

Overpricing a home gets no showings and lowball offers if it’s lucky enough to get showings. Tell a buyer to over pay, they won’t. Let it be their idea? They will, in a competitive situation. It’s that simple.

2.We stage our listings.

Plenty of agents will tell potential sellers they “don’t need staging” - of course, because that agent doesn’t offer it. Staging is critical to the presentation, to light and to balance in photos. Any agent who says it’s not needed doesn’t understand the impact and the value. Staging makes the photos better. But it costs listing agents money. This is NOT interior design, it is a well-honed, experienced skill set and an 8-hour class somewhere does not make a stager. 

3. We use an architectural photographer.

Why? Architectural photographers have the skill set to capture angles, light and balance. Your photos live on the internet FOREVER. Every single buyer starts their search online. If you cannot grab their attention, or your beautiful home looks like a dark, cluttered cave, they will move on. You have 2 clicks to make that happen. For 5 years we have used Matterport tours on our listings, well before any other Broker even knew what that was! If the agent you’re considering hiring says they use “professional photos” make them prove who it is and show samples of the work.

4. We are enhanced on ZTR (Zillow, Trulia,


Why is this important? The more listings agents have in a year, the more expensive it is to get your listings enhanced on 3rd party websites. Your agent better have the money for this because it isn’t cheap, in fact, it is borderline extortion. 

5. We professionally market our listings with deeply embedded AI.

Can you find your listing in an organic Google search? If the listing agent says it, make them prove it. Not one single Broker in this area has the internet exposure we get. It is EXPENSIVE and it takes an entire TEAM of people to make this happen. We had 10 million Impressions just on Facebook in 2018 alone!

6. We have skin in the game.

We are heavily financially invested in your home before it even hits the market. If we don’t sell it, we don’t get our money back. There isn’t another area agency that can say this as a fact. We can prove it.

7. We don’t cut commission.

We charge the same thing as any other Broker and there is NO UPCHARGE for our services. We have always given our sellers this same great service. If you negotiate an agent out of commission, then imagine how this agent will negotiate for you at the time of offer presentations and after inspections. Give a buyer agent less than 3% commission, they will sell the house down the street. 

8. Our agents are skilled and trained to WIN.

We have Agents in every market who understand your area nuances and every single agent we have is a FULL TIME Agent and is highly educated in the field. That means they know HOW to negotiate, they understand the LAW and AGENCY and they will NEVER double dip your listing. They only, always and forever represent YOU, even after the sale is over. 

9. Our feedback can be found in a simple search and it’s everywhere.

It is organic and we cannot change it. If you cannot find EXCELLENT, CONSISTENT, 5 STAR feedback on the agent that you are considering, then they for sure can’t market your property because they cannot even market themselves. 


Our presentation and marketing leaves not a single dime on the table. Read our feedback. You will see it for yourself.

We EARN our commission. It is that simple. We will show you how inexpensive fixes and little details can add up to big money. This is your biggest asset and it should be treated as such. Call us today for a FREE Maximum Home Value Assessment and see the Dwellings Difference for yourself. 844-DWELL-MI

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