Must-Have Tools You Need To Clean Your Chimney

Must-Have Tools You Need To Clean Your Chimney

When homeowners have fireplaces in their homes, it is detrimental to clean out the chimneys. Allowing the soot to build up in the chimney could cause unexpected fires and catastrophe. Luckily, we have every must-have tool you need to clean your chimney.

Wired Brushes

The essential tool on this list is wire brushes. You could opt for a standard wire brush or a polypropylene brush for more delicate flue areas or metal chimneys. These brushes reach crevices you might not see or feel and effectively knock off large chunks of creosote or hardened soot.

Chimney Cleaning Rod

When cleaning out a dirty chimney, you want to clean the base and higher up the flue where smoke rises. Having a long cleaning rod with bristles on the end help with areas you cannot reach. Many of these rods come with multiple attachments specifically for cleaning the chimney.

Powder Based Creosote Remover

You can expect that the brushes listed above will not get everything off the sides of your chimney. Adding a cleaning agent to the mix will help knock off more grime and buildup. A cleaner specific for removing creosote will give you the best results.

Canvas Drop Cloth

Canvas drop cloths are a must-have tool you need to clean your chimney. Coined as painters drop clothes, this material is meant to be spread across the front of the chimney to protect your flooring. This helps the cleanup process by collecting all the gunk you just brushed off. Canvas drop cloths can be washed and reused for every cleanup.

Cleaning your chimney is no easy feat; it is recommended to get a professional cleaning once a year. Knowing when to clean your chimney is essential in keeping your home free of hazards. Depending on the type of chimney and flue your home has, other products might be more beneficial; however, these are the main products you will need to clean your chimney.

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