How To Turn Your Pool Into a Heated Pool

How To Turn Your Pool Into a Heated Pool

Many homeowners don’t get much use out of their pools in the winter. The temperatures are often too low, and jumping into icy cold water isn’t generally considered much fun. If you still want to go for a comfortable swim in the winter, here are some ways you can turn your pool into a heated pool and enjoy the water all year round.

Using a Pool Heating System

Naturally, one of the most straightforward methods is to use a designated heater to heat up your pool. There are different heating system options, most notably gas heaters and heat pumps.

Gas heaters are among the most powerful options and are great if your area gets particularly chilly. These options use propane or other natural gases to heat your water before cycling it back into the pool. Due to the high cost of the heater and the cost of the gas to keep it running, this powerful and efficient system is also one of the most expensive.

Heat pumps use the natural outside temperatures to transfer that warmth to your pool. These heaters are a cost-effective, low-energy solution but only work if the outside temperature remains around or above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Solar Pool Covers

One way to turn your pool into a heated pool is to use a solar pool cover. One of the most popular options is a solar blanket. Solar blankets are large covers that look like tarps. When you cover your pool with a solar blanket, it absorbs heat from the sun to warm up the water and retain built-up heat by stopping your water from evaporating.

The largest downside to solar blankets is that covering and uncovering your pool every time you want to go swimming may be tiring. However, they do a nice job keeping your water at a more comfortable temperature. Even if you don’t plan to swim much over the winter, investing in a solar blanket may be a good idea when preparing your pool for the winter.

DIY Options

If you’re good with your hands or don’t want to invest in a costlier system, creating a makeshift pool heater with items bought at your local hardware store is possible. You can use a sump pump and a black irrigation hose. The main idea is to have the pump pull the water out of your pool and have it go through a large coil of black hose. Thanks to exposure to the sun, the black coil warms the water as it rushes through before returning to the pool. It may not be the most elegant or visually pleasing option, but it can heat your pool for a low financial investment.

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