Green Upgrades That Can Increase Your Home’s Property Value

Are you looking to boost the value of your house? We can help with our guide on green upgrades that can increase your home’s property value. From new appliances to windows, here’s how you can make your home more efficient and valuable!

Energy-Efficient Appliances

The state of the appliances can be hugely significant in the value of your home. Will buyers have to pay for newer and more efficient ones? If so, it’d be wise to replace them sooner rather than later.

While getting new appliances, consider green fixtures that get the job done while cutting down on monthly utility, heating, and electricity costs. Some appliances that offer energy-efficient models include:

  • Washer and dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Low-flow toilets
  • Low-flow showerheads

Solar Panels

One of the best reasons to switch to solar power is that it can increase your home’s value. A solar-capable home is attractive to many homeowners because it will not only save on monthly energy costs, but they’ve already taken care of the upfront installation costs, so they don’t have to go through the installation hassle.

Pro Tip: Estimate your monthly energy usage first to determine how many solar panels would benefit your home.

You don’t have to switch to solar power completely, but just a few panels can put a big dent in monthly electricity costs and take a bite out of your carbon footprint!

Tankless Water Heater

A traditional water heater with a tank works by storing a large amount of water and keeping it heated at all times, ready for use. This water heating system can be costly and inefficient as it’s constantly using energy for water you’re not even using.

A tankless water heater works differently by only heating the water as you use it, saving energy costs. Plus, you don’t need to find space for that big ugly tank of water in your bathroom or home!

Energy-Saving Windows

Home energy experts will tell you the fastest and most straightforward way to improve the efficiency of your home is by installing energy-saving windows. Experts estimate that the main culprit for heat loss in most homes—especially older ones—are outdated windows that let heat leak out.

In some houses, replacing the windows can reduce heat loss by as much as a third. That’s a lot you could be saving each month, especially in those frigid Michigan winters! All-new, energy-efficient windows are an enticing trait for a home to many potential buyers.

Consider these green upgrades to increase your home’s property value quickly and affordably. Going green doesn’t just mean helping the environment—it also means more money in your pocket!

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