Fun Welding Projects You Can Make at Home

Usually, taking your work home with you isn’t the best idea. However, while using the knowledge from your welding job, try these fun welding projects you can make at home. Creating any of these items will spruce up your home base.


An outdoor fireplace is a great way to make the most out of those cool summer and fall evenings. It's also an ideal project for beginners to practice their craft because it requires minimal experience. Constructing a firepit should be a manageable task as long as you have the essential welding skills and a fundamental understanding of various welding techniques.

Storage Rack

Any welder with MIG welding experience can make a beautiful storage rack. Storage racks have many uses, like tool storage or a place for your sentimental objects. Making a storage rack requires some skill, but it’s a good chance to show off your creative side. Try your hand at a coat rack if you want a bigger challenge.

Screen Door

Building a screen door is a fantastic way to strengthen the security of your property. There are many metals to choose from, depending on how durable you intend to make your screen door. Plan out the design first to ensure that the door matches the rest of your home. Use TIG welding techniques to give it a top-notch finish and appearance.


While making a barbeque smoker is challenging for a beginner welder, the result is worth the struggle. If you aren’t skilled enough to complete this project, turn your newly welded firepit into a BBQ pit. The taste of slow-cooked ribs with a dry rub can be your reward.

Car Creeper

You can create a car creeper in a few days with the proper techniques. This tool allows you to examine the undercarriage of a car with ease. All you need is pipers and plywood, and of course, your ARC welding prowess, to make it happen!

Don't hesitate to try any of these fun welding projects you can make at home. Not only will these projects save money, but they’ll also allow you to leave your mark on your home in unique ways.

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