Front Door Style Guide: How To Match Your Home’s Style

Front Door Style Guide: How To Match Your Home’s Style

Each home has its unique features. If you take a look at the exterior and don’t see the luster your home once had, it’s time for an update. But how can you fix this problem?

Replacing the front door has a bigger impact than you might think. When you choose the right front door style to match your home, you’re sure to restore the home’s charm. Continue reading this guide to help you choose the perfect front door for your house!

Integrate the Home’s Architecture Within the Door’s Design

The architecture of a home plays a bigger role in choosing a door style than you might think. It creates the foundation of the home’s exterior. When you pick out a door, you’re strengthening the existing style.

When matching the front door to your home’s style, think about the current characteristics of the house.

Traditional Aesthetic

As you think about the typical household, you’ll likely picture a traditional home. The doors that fit this type of home are a modern classic that’s easily adaptable. Traditional-aesthetic doors highlight symmetrical panels and glass features. With their flexibility, they’ll seamlessly complement a variety of homes.

Contemporary Minimalist

Contemporary style highlights minimalistic features. When shopping for these types of entry doors, you’ll find they prioritize clean and sleek lines.

Some options include flat solid wood doors with angular handles or horizontal panels stretching the height of the door. Although these have simplistic designs, they still make a tremendous statement.

Rustic and Vintage

Natural wood, wrought iron, and extraordinary details in each room characterize a rustic-style house. Because of the organic elements, such as the wood grain patterns, no two homes in this style are exactly the same.

When it comes to the rustic and vintage style, there are several reasons why you need a custom front door. The architecture of these homes is all about being unique and standing out from others. You should reflect the intricate details throughout the home within the door. You can choose a door with wood carvings, an arched entry door, or even a Dutch door!

Select a Color That Complements the Exterior

What’s the color palette of the home? Warm reds and browns or cool beiges and blacks? If the home primarily has neutral tones, a bold door hue can brighten the exterior. Yellow, red, turquoise, and so many more colors can be gorgeous additions.

On the other hand, homes with brighter exteriors need a neutral color to establish a balance. A baby blue home will benefit from a white or gray door. Thinking about the overall color palette will help you create the cohesion you’re searching for.

Match the Hardware

Think about the existing hardware style used inside and outside of your house. What do they look like? Are they modern silver fixtures with a smooth aesthetic, or are there intricate details carved onto brass fixtures?

Before making a final decision about the door’s hardware, take a good look at the fixtures inside and outside. You want to choose one that matches the current style to reinforce the union of the home.

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