Contaminants Most Commonly Found in the Workplace

Contaminants Most Commonly Found in the Workplace

It's no secret that the workplace can be a dirty place. After all, people are usually so wrapped up in their work that they have no time to clean their spaces adequately. While this may be commonplace, it is also unfortunate in that it leads to many different types of sicknesses and illnesses which may affect everyone in the workplace. Office managers should know which types of contaminants to look for. They must take preventative measures to stop these contaminants from affecting their employees. If you find yourself in this boat, read on. We've compiled a list of some of the contaminants commonly found in the workplace.


One of the most common containments found in the workplace happens to be lead. While not as common anymore, lead used to be in various building projects and other fixtures. In fact, water piping was one of the biggest uses of lead before its toxicity was discovered. As such, in older buildings people often find lead piping fixtures. If inhaled by employees, these can cause a variety of symptoms such as weakness, memory loss, and even nausea.


Another contaminant commonly found in the workplace is asbestos. Asbestos used to be a material that was used for many different types of projects, such as insulation and fire proofing. However, after scientific studies were conducted that found asbestos can cause cancer and mesothelioma, a disease of the lungs, this material was quickly phased out of use in every single area. Even so, there are many different historical residential buildings that may use the toxic fixtures. It should be noted that in older buildings this is most commonly found in the insulation in the walls. You should replace this installation if you do find that asbestos is present.

Mold and Fungi

The last, and perhaps most common contaminants found in the workplace are mold and fungi. Fungi most often occur in wet or damp areas that do not receive a lot of sunlight or air movement. As such, mold is most often found in the corners of ceilings and bathrooms and other areas where moisture may easily build up and become trapped. Unfortunately, many different molds can put out spores, which, if inhaled, may cause a variety of different diseases and other bodily reactions, none of which are good for you or your employees. As such, it is pertinent to do testing and have a certified inspector come out to check for mold in any of the common areas if you suspect that you have mold.

We hope you have enjoyed a recap of some of the common contaminants found in the workplace. While this list may encompass many of the most common types of contaminants found in the word place, there are certainly many other types, so be sure to have an inspector come out regularly to ensure that your workplace is safe for habitation.

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