Benefits of Installing Trench Drains on Your Property

Benefits of Installing Trench Drains on Your Property

When it comes to owning an uneven or hilly property, you might find that it’s a struggle to get water to drain properly. With more standing water on your land, it’s easier to attract insects and develop damage to critical parts of your home. Fortunately, certain systems allow you to better navigate these changes and get the drainage results you need. These are the benefits of installing trench drains on your property and why you should consider taking on this project sooner rather than later.

Quicker and Easier Water Drainage

A trench drainage system is a series of connected trenches that collect and channel large quantities of water away from the home. Installed using specialized skid steer trencher attachment equipment and finished off with a top grate, these channels make it easier for standing water to run off. They also make the process quicker, eliminating standing water in a fraction of the time it took previously.

Less Standing Water in Your Yard

As previously stated, standing water is one of the leading causes of exterior siding and foundation damage. If water sits flush with your home for too long, it can soften the materials and seep in through the cracks, letting water into your basement and leading to other problems like water damage and mold. Putting strategically placed trenches in your yard can reduce the number of places where water can gather and protect your home.

Reduced Risk of Home Damage

With less standing water, you’re also at a reduced risk of sustaining home damage. Foundation and siding decay are the most common types of damage caused by standing water. But better drainage can also help prevent heaving sidewalks and shifting earth. So, having these systems installed is great for all areas of your property, not just your home itself.

Fewer Maintenance Requirements

Another noteworthy benefit of installing trench drains on your property is that they require less maintenance than other drainage methods. Unlike home gutters that need regular cleaning, trench drains use top grates with smaller openings. This allows the water to run in without clogging up the trench itself. You may need to clear away debris right after large storms, but you’ll never need to lift the grate to clear the trench.

If you live on a property with drainage issues, don’t leave them alone. Installing some type of drainage system can make a large difference on your land and leave you with fewer problems in the long run.

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