5 Common Misconceptions About Metal Roofing

5 Common Misconceptions About Metal Roofing

When homeowners are looking to swap out their shingles for metal roof options, they may hear lots of misinformation on the subject. These may exaggerate issues or completely misrepresent metal roofing, making it sound cheap or unreliable. Here are five of the most common misconceptions about metal roofing.

Metal Roofs Are Noisy

Many people worry that having a metal roof means their home will sound like beans in a pie tin during a rainstorm. Due to the levels of insulation and wood frame construction underneath the roof, you can rest easy knowing your roof won’t be louder than other options during rainstorms or similar situations.

Metal Roofs Get Hot

It's a normal assumption that metal gets hot in the sunlight, which leads to the thought that this heat will make your house hotter and drive up your air conditioning bill. However, roofing technology considers that concern. The materials used in metal roofing don’t get too hot in the sunlight. Furthermore, the paints and finishes reflect sunlight to cool your home in the summer months.

Metal Roofs Rust

Much like with heat, a common misconception about metal roofing is that it will rust in the rain. There’s some degree of truth that rust will eventually become a factor to watch out for. However, it takes a long time for rust to set into metal roofs, even in warm weather. In other words, it’ll be a while before rust can cause any significant damage. Therefore, you can sleep soundly, knowing your roof won't fall apart after a few rainstorms.

Metal Roofs Dent

Have you ever gone out to a parking lot and noticed a dent on the side of your car? Many people fear their metal roofing is susceptible to the same type of damage. However, metal roofing is a sturdy, reliable option that’s unlikely to dent. Unless you live in an area with frequent heavy hailstorms, your roof will be just fine.

Metal Roofs Are Expensive

Cost is a common concern for many people considering making the leap to metal roofing. There’s some truth to the idea that a metal roof is pricier during the initial installation. However, when you consider the long-term costs of maintaining and replacing the tiles or shingles of other roofing options, metal roofing is frequently more economical in the long run.

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