4 Ways To Make Your Guest Room a Cozier Place

4 Ways To Make Your Guest Room a Cozier Place

You want your guests to feel like your home is their home. You can best enable this hospitality by providing them with their room and making that room as comfortable as possible. Guests need more than a place to sleep. They need a retreat. As welcome as they may feel, it’s still your home, so ensure your guest room provides a cozy template for them to establish their own space, even if it’s just for a short time. Here are four ways to make your guest room a cozier place.

A Bigger, Better Bed

A guest will spend eight or more hours a day asleep in your guest room. Make sure the bed is suitable for a full night’s rest. You can get a decent mattress at an affordable price that provides plenty of support and room to stretch out. Give it a test run, or rather sleep, before your guests arrive. Clean and fresh sheets and blankets go a long way and throw in a comforter and extra pillow or two at the end of the bed, so they don’t feel uncomfortable asking for them in the middle of the night.

A Comfort Station

Think hotel or bed and breakfast and provide your guest with a basket of towels, soaps, snacks, and other things that will help them relax. Provide them with a coffeemaker or device to make hot water for tea, along with sugars, cream, and stirrers if they prefer to get up earlier than you. Many guests appreciate having a desk and chair for work, writing postcards, and so forth. Consider providing a recliner with a side table and lamp to give your guests a place to read, stretch out, and more. Also, it gives them a place to occasionally retreat to during their downtime. And always leave out the WI-FI ID and password!

Minimum Decor

Proud as you are of your family and accomplishments, the guest room isn’t the place to show off dozens of family photos, awards, and the like. Keep the art on the walls simple and unobtrusive. Reduced décor allows your guests to relax and feel more like the room is “theirs.”

Green Is Good

Plants always add life and fresh air to a space, so add a fern, rubber tree, or some other leafy plant to the guest room. Plants also give a room extra beauty, especially when they flower. Choose plants that can live in low sunlight conditions. Remove the plants and clean up before they arrive if you discover your guest has allergies.

These were just four ways to make your guest room a cozier place. So, always keep your eyes and ears open to a guest’s needs and requests.

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