3 Important Things to Know About Concrete Adhesion

3 Important Things to Know About Concrete Adhesion

Concrete is a durable material, but not cohesive. It’s essential to understand what surfaces concrete will and won’t adhere to during application. If you’re pouring new concrete or looking for what you need to fasten objects to a concrete wall, it’s important to understand concrete adhesion to avoid bonding issues later. Continue reading to learn three important things to know about concrete adhesion and why specific materials are unsuitable for concrete bonding.

How It Works

The cement in concrete does not have natural bonding elements. If concrete is poured onto a weight-bearing surface, it won’t bind to the material and cause a lack of structure in flooring and other foundations. A bonding adhesive is the solution to create adhesion between concrete and other materials. Applying a bonding agent to a surface also helps retain moisture and protect surfaces from external damage.

Adhering Materials

Some materials naturally bond to concrete and require a release agent to prevent sticking. A release agent is a film of lubricate that makes concrete easy to remove after drying. Concrete adheres to wooden surfaces, as many home builders pour concrete into wood panels to set up a flooring structure. Plastic adheres to concrete but also requires a release agent treatment before applying it.

Non-Adhering Materials

There’s a variety of substances that concrete does not adhere to without help. If old concrete is repaired with new concrete, it requires a bonding agent for the materials to bind. Paint has no natural bonding elements, which means applying cement to a painted surface also requires a bonding agent. Molds and oiled surfaces are resistant to concrete bonding and require a bonding agent to promote adhesion.

If you’re in the process of renovating a home or building with new concrete, it’s important to understand the workings of concrete adhesion and the materials suitable for binding. You must apply a bonding agent when repairing concrete to ensure the materials bind and the repair lasts.

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