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Stacy Britton

Stacy Britton


After a 14-year career at Ford, and staying at home several more years to raise her children, Stacy Briton was itching for action.

She found it in Real Estate!

Over 3 years later, she's going strong with an infectious energy and a powerful drive to go above and beyond to serve her clients.  Stacy loves touring homes, absorbing every detail, from interior design to landscaping. She then translates that critical eye into providing results for her clients. As a people person, she'll make you comfortable as she learns your "must-haves", developing the trust that is key to a profitable sale, or purchasing the home of your dreams.

When Stacy's not on the go, she enjoys watching her children play soccer and occasionally relaxes with a good movie, her favorite sweets, and the company of Jackson, the family puppy.

And then, she starts thinking about Real Estate again.