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Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson


As Jason Robinson tells the story, Shannon Hall sold and bought his last couple of

houses. He was impressed by her energy and transparency and the “no fluff”

approach Dwellings by Rudy & Hall brings to real estate. When he saw a Facebook

Ad looking for agents, he answered it.

They met and talked. He felt it was a good fit. She told him she thought “he could

sell ice to an Eskimo.” He was in.

Jason is enthusiastic, ambitious, welcoming, and direct—all qualities that make

people WANT to do business with him.

He has spent 10 years in market research working for such firms as J.D. Power and

Market Strategies. Trained as an analyst, he’s adept at learning a given market,

organizing data and understanding its implications for success.

His greatest strength, however, is in “teasing out” what clients want and need and

designing strategies to meet their expectations. “Success comes from knowing the

market,” he says, “and from knowing what people want.”

How does this translate into buying and selling homes? Basically it’s about people

and about asking the right questions. For example, what does a family of 4 want

that their current situation doesn’t give them, and what’s on the market that will

meet their requirements?

A dynamic family man who needs to be on the move, Jason Robinson is excited

about getting out from the confines of a desk and into a less structured working

environment so that he can spend more time with his 2 kids. He’s enthusiastic

about learning your needs and doing the research it takes to find you the home of

your dreams.