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Erin Rogers

Erin Rogers


“Good realtors are always there for their clients,” says Erin Rogers.  “They always respond.”  This dedication to service is what she loves about Dwellings by Rudy & Hall. 

Erin spent 10 years preparing closing packages for a mortgage company and 5 years as a title escrow officer.  These occupations have given Erin an invaluable perspective on buying and selling homes.   She’s familiar with all aspects of the sales transaction and is a solid resource to both home buyers and the team at Dwellings.  

Sensitive and compassionate, Erin is also enthusiastic about being THAT person her clients turn to.  While working in the back end of real estate, she saw a lot of poor realtors—ones who were there for the sale only to disappear as soon as it had been completed.  “There’s not a lot of follow-through—especially for first-time buyers,” she comments. 

Erin became a realtor to make a difference in the industry and in people’s lives.   “I want people to know that it’s ok not to know all the answers and to ask questions about the sales process.” 

Erin recognizes that a home is probably the largest investment anyone is ever going to make.   She has a heart for people and feels that to be a part of that big investment is a privilege.  “ I don’t think enough people have that kind of heart,” she comments.   “New buyers are often terrified.  I can help and can hold their hands through the transaction.”

In college, Erin studied general business and was drawn to technology.  It was an era in which computers were just beginning to make their mark.  “Because I began at a time when people were still using paper, I’m able to toggle between generations,” she says.  She’s equally at home with people who need a hard copy or a phone call and those who just want a text. 

Erin Rogers speaks with warmth, sensitivity and joy.  She loves real estate and wants her clients to feel that buying and selling a home can be fun.