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 Briget Urban

Briget Urban


On top of running her family business Corner Stone Masonry for 22+ years, real estate for Briget began as a way to make a little money while staying home raising her children.  Now, her kids, 24, 23 and 18 are pretty much on their own and Briget's work has become her passion.

In the decade she's worked in residential real estate, she and her husband also bought, improved and flipped homes for 9 years. Suffice to say, she knows what she's doing. Most of all, Briget loves helping first time home buyers. Because she's been through the joys as well as the pitfalls of looking for one's first place she is especially qualified to help you.

Now, when many people like her who have grand children - with more on the way - are thinking about retirement, Briget is ramping up. And her energy and passion are stronger than ever. Let Briget help you today.