Betty & John Rudy

Let's get straight to the point, because when it comes to real estate it's exactly what  Betty does--no wasted time, no wasted motion.

Maybe that's why she's into sailing (with husband John, or by herself if she feels like it) a 30-foot sailboat on Lake Erie that either works as efficiently as possible with the wind...or not. The wind is going to do what the wind is going to do, and like the market, one's success at reading it and putting it to use will make or break you.

Over several decades working in real estate--determining the bottom line, the true value of a property, and knowing what to do during both the gusts and the doldrums of supply and demand, Betty has become a heavy hitter.

She will probably express that modestly, but in the plain-speaking manner of a sailor, she will express her knowledge confidently and put it straight to work for you.

With many hands-on rehabs, Betty also knows the craft--and cost--of her business. Reality (and realty) like the wind, can be unforgiving: knowing what to do and under what circumstances to do it, without hesitation, is critical to speed and success.

This is what Betty does full time, and she loves it. No wonder, then, that her son and her husband are both in the family business, all competing to become better as individuals and as a team.

The beneficiary? You.

Call Betty and take confidence. You'll be in very steady hands.

John may have stepped into real estate only in the last six years or so, but as a former business owner in the chemical field he has a pragmatic understanding of the bottom line and knows which formula best fits a buyer or a seller, a process he completes logically and intuitively which he then clearly communicates to his clients.

With deep experience in Broker Price Options (pricing a property) that is the shorthand of a full appraisal, John, like Betty, also refuses to waste motion or purpose. The shortest distance between pricing and a sale corresponds--since he's a sailor himself--to the most you can benefit in distance each time you tack into the wind.

John specializes in residential in downriver and the western suburbs in the 100-150K range. Lots of possibilities for first time buyers, value buyers, down-sizers or those moving up from a condo or apartment.

With an independent streak, but always willing to draw on a deep wellspring of family knowledge through Betty's experience, John will get you plenty of bang for your buck.

He can also tell you the best inlets for superb fish and recreational properties along Lake Erie, too.

Tartar sauce optional.

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