1. What is your availability like? 

Houses are moving quick and if you can’t get in right away it could be gone by the time you can get into it if your agent has limited availability. Being able to get into that new listing the second it hits the market could be the key to snatching it up before other buyers have a chance to see it.

2. If you are not available to show me a property do you have an agent that backs you up that can show me? 

Great agents are busy and are usually working with multiple clients. If they are already booked and your dream house becomes available they should have someone that backs them up and can get you in right away.

3. What is your success rate and strategy for getting offers submitted in multiple offer situations? 

Multiple offers are extremely common in today’s market. A great agent will know how to structure a solid offer that will put you at the front of the line for consideration.

4. Will you preview houses for me? 

Your time is precious. Once your agent has a good idea what you are looking for they should be previewing homes for you the second a new listing hits the market instead of running you around to look at every new house that comes on the market. 

5. Do you work with a preferred lender that you can recommend?

 Great Realtors have a working relationship with one or several great lenders. A great lender can be the key to a smooth transaction and can also help you tremendously in being the winning bid in multiple offer situations.

There are many other questions you should ask but hopefully the above will help you hire the right Realtor to assist you in your new home search.

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