Ford to pay $9,000 in profit sharing to UAW workers

Ford Motor Co. indicated that more than 56,000 United Auto Workers hourly employees will receive profit sharing averaging $9,000 this year according to an article in the Detroit Free Press.   This is awesome news for our local economy. Are you one of these lucky workers? Not sure what to do with thisSee more


Here is a great article from the New York Times about the importance of staging your home for sale. This is one of the many things we do to ensure our clients  receive top dollar for their home. If your Realtor doesn’t have an in depth conversation about staging with you when you go to sell, findSee more

Did You Buy A Bank Owned Home And Have To Pay Transfer Tax? You Might Be Able To Get A Refund!

Just received this from The Michigan Association of Realtors- Great News for Buyer Clients Seeking Transfer Tax Refund! Brian F. Westrin, Esq. Director of Legal Affairs Do you have a buyer client who paid the transfer tax on a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac property? We have great news to report – A refund mechanismSee more

10 Things You Need to Do Before You Start Looking for a Home

  1. Meet with a Lender – Too often Buyers start looking for a home, or start looking at homes, before they know what they can afford or even if they can purchase. It’s important to know what you can afford and what you want your payment to look like so you are ‘not livingSee more

The Importance of a Main Sewer Line Inspection

I  had a Buyer who was extremely upset that I was insisting that he have a Private Home inspection. This was a mid-50’s brick ranch, pretty well cared for in a nice neighborhood, but vacant and no one had lived there for a long time. The inspector that I referred to him was going toSee more

Michigan Buyers- Thinking About Buying a Flipped/Rehabbed Home?

Flippers…love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are here to stay. I am also one of them. I know, I know, but I swear I am going to help you separate the good, bad and the REALLY, REALLY bad and prime you on what to look for next time you go out looking at homes! ButSee more

International Buyers! Beware of US Investments!

The other day I received an email from a UK Buyer who purchased several homes in Detroit a few years ago. Apparently they responded to an “ad” that claimed easy-money, cash flowing properties that are remodeled and tenanted and a GREAT DEAL at $45,000 a pop AND the company that was offering this fantastic opportunitySee more

The Top 8 Things that REALLY Matter When SELLING Your Home!!

Let Go of Emotion – You have raised your family and created many memories here! Yes, we know it’s hard but now is the time to LET IT GO! This is a business transaction now and being overly emotional about your home, or about how much money you put into your home, or whatever is keepingSee more

Are You Calling the Number on the Sign?

Calling the listing agent to see a home? Wait! READ THIS FIRST!! Are you someone who drives around, looking at homes and calling the numbers on the sign? Are you seeing homes with the agent who has the home listed? Do you look online trying to get in touch with listing agents? Before you continueSee more

What Is A Home Inspection And Do I Really Need One?

What IS a Private Home Inspection & Do I REALLY Need One? Short sales, foreclosures, government homes, private homes…what do these purchases all have in common? They are all just that, homes. Places people live, sometimes work, play, fix-up, ignore. Even if it’s pretty on the outside, and looks pretty on the inside, a PrivateSee more

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