Together, Shannon Hall and Boyd Rudy bring life and force to Dwellings, a true full service, concierge-style partnership built on their combined 32 years experience and complementary strengths in serving buyers and sellers alike.

From their extensive knowledge of the south eastern Michigan residential market and their expertise in creating robust and comprehensive marketing plans for every property they sell to their obsessive attention to detail, you will come to appreciate what full service was meant to be.

Enjoy the human touch of old school relationship building as well as the mastery of high-tech, geo-local Internet marketing in one team—Rudy and Hall…a synergy of two stellar talents working for you.

Boyd Rudy

When it comes to real estate, Boyd Rudy has been around the block more than a few times. With a vast depth of experience in the mortgage and loan industry, foreclosures and short sales, real estate investments and buying and selling as well as managing as many as 300 real estate agents under him, Boyd has it covered for you.

While a consistent top producer for the brokers he has worked for during the last 14 years, Boyd has also made the time to expand his knowledge of his industry by belonging to The National Association of Realtors, The Michigan Association of Realtors and The Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors.

Consistently posting increased sales numbers year over year, despite the grueling economic meltdown of 2008, Boyd has shown a never-say-die attitude, always looking for creative or innovative ways to buck the market and to bring greater value and better results to his clients.

His indefatigable drive, relentlessly analytical approach and personal charisma have combined into a sales powerhouse who is at your service. With Boyd on the job, you can be assured that your every need in today’s volatile real estate market will be seen to, down to the smallest detail.

It’s no wonder that several of his investment clients have literally become millionaires working closely with Boyd over the course of years.

And what does Boyd do when he’s not elbows and eyeballs into the current market? He coaches rough and tumble junior league football. Makes sense. Strategy, stamina and execution are just what it takes to get ahead in real estate—and Boyd is your star quarterback.

Shannon Hall

Your Real Estate Concierge Shannon Hall truly loves, lives and breathes real estate. To her, it’s not work, but rather her passion for the business made manifest.

As a multi-million dollar top producing Realtor in addition to her experience as a licensed residential builder, it’s fair to say that Shannon knows the business inside out.

Numbers alone, however, do not tell the whole story. Unlike many in the service industry today, she is singularly dedicated to going the extra mile to provide a warm and immersive approach to what is undoubtedly the biggest purchase or sale decision you’ll ever make. With your comfort and trust foremost, and her enthusiasm, knowledge and attention to every critical detail in a real estate transaction baked into the recipe, you can’t go wrong.

Not only that, Shannon has a terrific knack for making the whole process enjoyable. You’ll be sure to learn more than you ever thought possible when working with her, as Shannon is a natural teacher who illustrates her love of the field with a non-stop stream of anecdotes, advice and observation from her rather encyclopedic real estate brain.

As a mother to two grown daughters (one of whom Shannon works with on a daily basis) and a 2 year old grandson–she is both nurturing and a rock solid negotiator.

When not serving your best interests in the art of the deal, Shannon finds the time to pursue her hobbies of renovating and flipping residential properties, restoring furniture and vintage light fixtures, and traveling.

Shannon is the real deal, and you’ll be in very good hands when you choose to hire her. She literally embodies her credo: When you really love what you do, it’s not work.

Let Shannon do what she loves to do for you.


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